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Caecilia Elsanetta Kurnia Dewi

Caecilia Elsanetta Kurnia Dewi

IPS and PKn Teacher (Primary)

To be a part of Focus Independent School was out of my expectation. I was accepted as a teacher when I was in Jakarta, specifically, when COVID-19 was still breaking out there and panic attacked.

The first time I came here, FIS trusted me to teach K13 IPS and PPKn for the Primary 5 level. Besides, I am also responsible to handle the P5 Learning Project. This kind of situation enforces me to adapt and deal with it. Until now, I meet my students through an online learning platform. For this reason, I need to create an atmosphere as if they learn in the classroom. 

Teaching social science such as IPS and PPKn in this situation is a big deal. I have to put myself in their shoes so that they can understand the lesson very well and it can be meaningful for their lives in the future. 

Becoming a teacher is difficult because he or she deals with humans. This means that teachers cannot expect students to understand without explanation or to have the same perception of what they think. Teaching is like telling a story. It has an opening, climax, and closing. Word choices are also a thing in teaching. This is what I have in mind about teaching and what I receive during my teaching experience in FIS.