Bryan Savero

My name is Bryan Savero and I’m the 2015 FIS alumni. I have been in FIS since I was child until the end of Junior High School. Studying in FIS has been memorable and a great experience for me. In FIS, we are required to use English language all day and this helped me a lot. Here, I learned and developed my English skills such as English grammar, pronunciations, writing skills which is useful for my future. I also learned software skills such as how to make a good presentations, how to make good essays, how to use Excel since we were using laptop in Junior High School. Besides that, FIS also helped me to build an amazing character. I learned how to manage my time, respect teacher and classmates, how to be discipline and how to be a great person with extraordinary personality.

FIS expects nothing less than the best from each and every student. The Teacher are very qualified and helped me a lot throughout my school. The curriculum here is fun and challenging so that you will not get bored during school. After graduating from FIS School, I continued my study at SMAN 3 Surakarta and became the chairman of an organization named SMEC (SMAGA English Club). I learned to be a good leader and this is all thanks to the teaching given by FIS to me.

Now I am studying at ITB majoring in Mathematics. FIS has contributed a lot in my life and I am honored to be part of FIS member.***