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Agatha Carniela Nugraheni

Agatha Carniela Nugraheni

English Teacher (Primary)

I have been working as an English teacher in Focus Independent School since June 2019. Working with children is always my dream job and teaching the students of FIS brings a great deal of joy and pleasure. English is used in daily conversation. The students use it fluently. Their ability in English pushes me to be creative and precise in designing the learning materials and activities.

Seeing students’ excitement in solving English tasks, activities and riddles motivates me to design meaningful learning for them. It is inspiring to see their eagerness in learning new things in the classroom. The students are brave, confident, and charming. In some ways, the students channel the positive energy in me every single day. For me, teaching in this school grants me a pleasant and challenging experience. 

Focus Independent School offers a great opportunity for both teachers and students to grow, learn and push over their potential. I learn and explore a lot of things by teaching in FIS. The environment encourages me to improve my skills and become an independent learner. The school provides learning sources and events to upgrade teachers’ knowledge. With all the challenges and encouragement, I encounter a new need to study and become a better version of myself.