For Focus Independent School, learning is a fun process of developing one’s quality through the right experience and stimulation. For development to happen significantly, it needs to start from constructing strong foundation as suggested by the Bloom Taxonomy. Therefore, FIS emphasises strongly on students ability in understanding concept.

For learning to happen, experience plays significant role. Thus, crucial elements influencing learning has also been FIS concern. FIS believes that teachers play significant roles in students learning.  FIS teachers are prepared well in order to be able to provide meaningful fun learning experience for the students through the right process. In addition, FIS also pay attention to the learning environment. What differentiate FIS is the ability of enabling supportive environment for the students learning itself.

Through the well-designed learning activities, student will be able to develop not only their cognitive but also their other skills and value needed for them to face the challenges in the future. Students are prepared not only to be able to face the challenges and changes but even better to create and lead the changes itself for better life. ***