FIS Primary is implementing National Curriculum (KTSP) combined with International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and My Pals for Maths, Science and English.


IPC is implemented as FIS curriculum in order to prepare the students to be a global citizen. There are 3 goals to be achieved in IPC. They are: (1) Subject goals, (2) Personal goals which refer to students character building, and (3) international goal. The benefit of implementing IPC is that students are well prepared with the knowledge, skill and understanding in IPC themes. Further detail, please consult IPC website

As a national plus school, National curriculum is also implemented in the school. The lessons are designed for the students to be able to face National Examination when they are in Primary 6. The lessons are delivered in a fun and meaningful way. There are more experiments and experience provided for the students to learn deeper about certain subjects.


There are only 24 students in a class under two teachers supervision. A small class in designed for students to be able to focus more and also to perform their best. The teachers are ready not only to deliver materials but also to give individual guidance to each student.