The golden age 0-3 is a precious moment for the development of baby. Thus, FIS is committed to stimulate baby through class activities.

The baby class activities are designed to help baby develop competences based on the brainís stage. There are some competences learned in the class, such as: visual, auditory, tactile, mobility, language and manual competence. Babies learn reading flash cards, listening to some musical instruments, touching different objects, creeping, crawling, walking and many more. All of the activities are set based on the baby's age.

FIS baby class has three classes. They are :

Baby Tweet03-11 month
Baby Boom12-18 month
Baby Genius19-23 month

Each baby class is handled by two experienced teachers and consists of 8 students maximum. The class lasts for an hour.

At the end of the month, parents are given information about their childrenís progress. They are also given certain time to meet and consult with baby teachers personally.