FIS set activities that are not directly related to academic matters at school. Yet, those activities are meant to give opportunities for students to learn other values or knowledge that they do not get from the lesson taught in the class. There are some annual events in FIS.
They are :


Goal: to create a habit of eating fruits and veggies from early age.
In this event, students and teachers are accustomed to eating healthy food. They must consume fruits and vegetables as part of their meal. On the celebration day, there are a lot of activities that teachers and students do related to knowing more about fruits and vegetables and their benefits.


In celebrating the anniversary, FIS always set a different way of celebrating it. Yet, the point is about sharing happiness to others. This year, FIS is having Pasar Rakyat as the way of celebrating its anniversary. In Pasar Rakyat, students are invited to shop in a traditional market set in FIS building. The money collected during Pasar Rakyat is donated to Yayasan Pemeliharaan Anak dan Bayi (YPAB) Surakarta.


Goal: to embed the nationalism for all FIS member.
During Indonesia Independence Day, all Primary and Secondary students and all teachers will have flag ceremony on August 17th. Other than that, teachers and students will also have fun activities related Indonesia and nationalism in order to commemorate the Independence day.


Goal: In order to show parents the result of learning IPC in the level.
In the event, parents are invited either to join the class activities or to see the result of students learning in the class. By doing so, parents will be well informed about things that students learn at school in IPC.


Goal: in order to share knowledge about certain culture from Indonesia so that students will know more about Indonesia.
Every year, school will pick a culture or a city in Indonesia to be the theme of School National event. In a week, students will gain a lot of information about the culture. On the d-day, there will be a lot of interesting activities related to the culture.


Goal: in order to gain more knowledge about one particular country or culture internationally.
In a week students will learn about other countries and any detail information about the country. By doing so, students will gain a lot of information about other countries. This year, Africa is chosen as the theme of FIS International Event.


Goal: to give opportunities for students to perform in front of publics and gain personal benefits from it.
For example; having high confident,showing talent, etc. In Project, students are coached and guided to be able to perform in front of many people. They will sing, dance, doing role play, etc. They are prepared to be able to have a performing art presented in public.