This is how we define EDUCATIONS:
Eager to learn; Discipline; Unique and dynamic; Creative; Adventorous; Tactical; Innovative (thinking out of the box); Objectives (goal oriented); Note-worthy; Spiritual


Focus Independent School is the only IPC School in Surakarta Indonesia to offer International Primary Curriculum program. The program’s span is from the Early Years, Primary to Secondary.

The IPC provides the educational framework for our students in Early Year and the Elementary School, and the IMYC (International Middle Year Curriculum) for the Secondary Program. Focus Independent School provides a rigorous international education which enables students to take an active role in any society while and valuing the customs and traditions of their own cultural backgrounds.

The curriculum is broad and balanced with programs that support the growth of children, encompassing social, physical, ethical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to strong academic development. Programs across the school are delivered in English by qualified and experienced teachers.



Students from Indonesia as well as from many countries around the world enroll to our school. We work with parents to provide language support to meet the needs of individual student. The school is pluralist and provides special religion classes, currently catering for Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem students.


The facilities are excellent, providing students with access to sport, art, computer laboratories, and science laboratories.